The idea of starting a county wide Fire Police Task Force came about after a traffic accident on Route 501 (Lititz Pike) & valley road  involving a tractor trailor with wires down. This was a hot afternoon in late june or early july 2011, after talking with the Fire Chief & Manheim Township Police Department. Fire Police Luke Gerhart of MTFR realized this was going to be a lengthly call , Officer Gerhart asked the Fire Chief to contact county radio to have additional companies dispatched for Fire Police there were 5-10 companies dispatched for Fire Police to handle traffic controlat the call. Several days after that call, Officer Gerhart called Fire Police Captain Bob Lamb of Rothsville Fire Company (24) to ask his opinion on a idea he was thinking about. Officer Gerhart explained to Captain Lamb his idea of Fire Police to Large Incidents which Captain Lamb thought was a great idea. In July 2011, The Lancaster County Fire Police Task Force was formed by Officer Gerhart to explore an alternative method of dispatching a large number of Fire Police to large scale events. The Commitee started with Officer Gerhart and Captain Lamb . They met several times and invited Bob Billett from Witmer Fire Company (Fire Police Captain) to jin their group. After meeting several more times , Lieutenant Edwin Slaymaker from Lancaster Township Fire Department and Fire Police Captain Norman Brower from New Holland Fire Company were asked to join the group. The five member Commitee began to meet bi-weekly. In April 2012, the commitee began meeting on a weekly basis. Lancaster County EMA Randy Gockley and Rick Harrison advise LCFPTF.

Former Fire Police Assocation President Edwin Slaymaker passed away November 15, 2018 - We thank him for the role he played in the Fire Police Assocation and Task Force!